Cookies policy

In order to guarantee the proper functioning of the "1722" website, we install cookies on your computer or mobile device. The majority of large websites use cookies.

What are cookies

Cookies are small files that can be placed in the browser of your device when you visit a website. On your next visit, the website will be able to read the cookies that have been placed. The information contained in these cookies is necessary, or at least useful, for your visit to, or use of, the website.

Most cookies have an expiration date. 'Session cookies' are automatically deleted when you close your browser. 'Persistent cookies' are programmed to remain on your computer for a number of months. You can remove them manually at any time before they reach their expiration date.

who are we ?

The cookie information in this document was created by the SPF Intérieur.

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What cookies do we use and why?

Essential cookies

Our website and application need to place a number of technically essential cookies on your device in order to function properly. These cookies are placed automatically when you arrive on the site or application and cannot be refused.

Name of the Cookie Expiration Content Purpose
[a-f0-9]{32} Fin de la session Chaîne aléatoire Fait le lien entre les demandes de la personne authentifiée et la session.
BIGipServer.* 90 jours Chaîne de caractères Retient les sessions sur les serveurs, afin que les requêtes des visiteurs soient systématiquement redirigées vers le bon serveur.

How do you delete cookies?

Do you want to know which cookies have been placed on your device, or do you want to delete them? To do so, adjust your browser settings.

On the following pages, you can read how to detect cookies and delete them from your browser: