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Today, it's best to call your local fire department or a professional exterminator. But soon, it will be easier to find help or to be referred via the e-service 1722.

For wasp removal services on private property or at your home, you can exceptionally call in the fire department or a professional exterminator who can get to you quickly. Keep in mind! Even when you call in the fire department, this intervention will usually not be free.

However, it is often not necessary to exterminate a wasp nest. We like to keep wasps away, but they are our ally since they drive out pesky flies, mosquitoes and other insects. All too often, bees are mistaken for wasps. Honey bees are protected species and should not be destroyed under any circumstances. In such cases the fire department gets to the scene unnecessarily and must refer the citizen to a beekeeper.

It is usually unnecessary and also time-consuming to make the request over the phone. The emergency number 112 should be used primarily for real emergency calls.

Please don't call the emergency number 112 for wasp extermination.

Exceptionally, when do you call the emergency center 112 for such interventions?

A wasp sting can be dangerous! If stung in the mouth or throat, call 112 immediately. Meanwhile, have the victim suck on an ice cube to control swelling. In case of an allergic reaction, call 911 immediately. Examples include shortness of breath, shock symptoms or swelling in the neck. Does the victim carry an adrenaline autoinjector (EpiPen)? And does the victim have swollen lips or tightness in the chest? Then you can help him or her administer that pen.

You can use the e-service if you don't need the help of the fire brigade in case of flooding or a storm (for instance if there are many damages to your roof covering, a flooded basement or flooding on the public road).

If someone is potentially in danger or in case of fire, you always have to call 112 (for instance, if there are injured victims or a danger of collapse or if a fallen tree totally or partially blocks the public road).

If you cannot use the e-service, call 1722 when this number has been activated. If the number 1722 is not in use, call 112.

According to the situation, some costs are associated with an intervention of the fire brigade. You will find more information about it in the retribution regulation of your rescue zone.

The fire brigade does all it can to help everyone as fast as possible. If there are many requests simultaneously, you will have to wait a little longer, so that the fire brigade can first help those who urgently need their intervention. The fire brigade will group the requests in order to avoid going constantly from one place to another. If you have introduced a request, wait patiently for the fire brigade to come and do not call 1722 or 112 to ask when the fire brigade will arrive.

Yes, you can and it is preferable do it if, after having introduced your request, you notice that the intervention of the fire brigade is not needed any more (for instance if the water in your basement is gone). If you don't cancel your request, the fire brigade could charge fees because they turned out for nothing.

However, the fire brigade is not a handyman or repair service. They don't come to put your tiles right, to repair your glass dome or terrace covering, to clean or repair your gutter, or to saw a fallen tree or loose branch on your own property into pieces and to remove it. For this, you don't have to call the fire department, but a qualified professional.

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